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There are blogs on Internet for just about any topic, including genealogy.


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The strange sounding word blog is actually short for Web log. Do you keep logs of your genealogical research? Blogs are online diaries or accounts, but a lot more. Blogs are places to communicate, discuss and share. They appear somewhat like a normal web page. Whereas web pages change infrequently, active blogs are constantly changing with additions of information. There are blogs on Internet for just about any topic, including genealogy.

Blogs are designed to let readers from all over the world give feedback. The person creating the blog decides if comments are on a post by post basis or if there is something that should be deleted. To make blogs more interesting, many have photos or graphics attached .

Start investigating genealogy blogs by checking out Cyndi's List - Blogs for Genealogy at There is a continually growing list of entries for genealogy related blogs, so check back often. Many of these provide readers with up to date news about the genealogy world. They change daily while others are changed infrequently, depending upon the posts and reader contributions. The following are blogs that I highly recommend:

Genealogy Blog - Genealogy on the Internet

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter (Dick Eastman)

24-7 Family History Circle ( )

Genealogy Roots Blog

George G. Morgan's "Along Those Lines ..." Blog

Megan's Roots World (Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak) (Michael John Neill)

Browing through the blogs, you will discover that none are alike. Some of the "news" topics will be the same, perhaps with a different response or comment. You will also notice that there are links to click for more information. Be sure to check out archived information. Some blogs are comprehensive and contain information on specific topics. Examples of these are:

Family Bibles - a place to leave Bible information and/or photographs

Genealogy Education - Ken Aitken's web page for genealogy teachers,

event planners, lecturers

COGenBlog - news and tips about researching in Colorado

After viewing blogs or becoming involved in posting to blogs, perhaps you would like to start your own unique, genealogy blog. The following are web links that provide information, ideas and all you need to begin your own blog.

Blogger (Google) -

Blogs - AOL People Connection

WordPress -

When contributing your thoughts, ideas and tips to blogs, remember that you are not sharing with an individual, but the world. Personal attacks, private or confidential information and obscene words are not allowed. Keep the blog available to the genealogy world as a great tool for sharing and learning.

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