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One World Tree Product Review

by Michelle Unger

One World Tree is the latest in genealogy software offered by .

One World Tree's main objective is to link family history records submitted to . It allows the user to search millions of records for the most probable matches. One World Tree works in conjunction with Ancestry World Tree. One World Tree provides links between family trees. It utilizes all of the resources offered by, as well as searching through the information provided by users of Ancestry World Tree.

Here's how it works. Log onto the website. You may log on or simply click the Family Tree tab. Here you may conduct a search. Type in the name of an ancestor. Remember that it may be more helpful to limit the amount of information you type in for the search, but to have that information handy in order to determine if this is the ancestor you are searching for. One World Tree searches through the different sources offers, as well as searching through Ancestry World Tree. It is imperative for the user to have access to more data (i.e. date of birth, date of death, etc.). This data will become necessary when determining if the name you have found is in fact, your ancestor or not. One World Tree groups the information by person. If a match is found, all of the information available on that person is listed on one page, which reduces time clicking back and forth between screens.

Here is how One World Tree works in conjunction with Ancestry World Tree. The user submits their family tree to Ancestry World Tree. does have requirements for submitting family trees to World Tree. These are as follows: " it must have at least 3 generations; it must not have any loops (person who is his own ancestor; and it must not have a large percentage of entries with no names or dates". Updates are performed periodically. You may make changes to the tree by simply making the changes and then saving or submitting them to Ancestry World Tree.

I will be the first to admit my confusion when first starting to research this particular program. After working with this program, I believe I can sum it up by stating that the actual program for submitting your GEDcom file or entering in your family tree is Ancestry World Tree. The search engine is One World Tree. The HELP link is wonderful and you may always call the 1800-ANCESTRY to get more help, both of which greatly helped me find my way through. Once you have this distinction made, you can go merrily on your way searching for your ancestors.

The cost for a subscription to One World Tree is $49.95 (purchase), but a seven day free trial is offered. In order to access the free seven day trial, you will have to provide a credit card. In order to discontinue your subscription, you must call 1-800-ANCESTRY before the seven day trial is up.



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