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Welcome to our Aussie Outback. Launched in 2002, we've dedicated this area of our site to highlighting excellent Australian resources and providing helpful articles on Australian genealogy topics and news events.

Transportation of Convicts to Australia - Most convicts were initially transported to America but this ceased in 1776 with the start of the American revolution. by Phil Westwood

Australian Towns Index - Find a city or town in Australia

Women of Vision - An index and history of Nuns and Sisters


Dead Persons Society (DPS)
Australian Inst. of Gen. Studies
Society of Australian Genealogists
First Fleet Fellowship
Gen. Society of Queensland
Queensland Family History
Gen. Society of Victoria
Military Historical Society


The Fatal Shore The Epic of Australia's Founding - This enthralling account of Australia's tragic origins is history of the finest order, combining thorough research with vivid narrative and thoughtful assessment -- a brilliant and enduring achievement. (Amazon.com)

Batavia's Graveyard Mad Heretic Who Led History's Bloodiest Mutiny - In 1629, the Dutch merchantman Batavia grounded on a desolate atoll near Western Australia. Of the 200 survivors, 115 were subsequently murdered, in coldest blood, by a group of the ship's sailors and their psychopathic leader, Jeronimus Corneliszoon. (Amazon.com)

Trackers The Untold Story of the Australian Dogs of War - A graphic portrayal of the timeless reality of war -- the horror, the madness, the tedium, the dark humor -- Trackers hurls readers into a surreal world of seething jungles, random minefields, and lethal "friendly fire." (Amazon.com)

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Aussie Outback launched Jan. 23, 2002

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