A Barrel of Genealogy Links
A Barrel of Genealogy Links

The Original Genealogy Barrel

Established March 22, 1996

  1. Genealogy Knowledgebase - includes A List of Occupations
  2. U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
  3. U.S. National Archives and Records Administration - The Genealogy Page
  4. Ellis Island - American Family Immigration History Center
  5. FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service
  6. Ancestors Charts and Records
  7. Census Online
  8. New York State Library--Genealogy
  9. American Life Histories: Manuscripts from the Federal Writers's Project
  10. Genealogy News
  11. Emigration / Ship Lists and Resources
  12. Immigrant Ship Transcribers Guild
  13. Passenger Lists on the Internet
  14. Making of America Digital Library
  15. Library Information Servers On The WWW
  16. U.S. Library of Congress
  17. The National Park Service--Links to the Past
  18. United States Census Bureau Home Page
  19. United States Historical Census Data Browser
  20. Bureau of Land Management-Official Land Patents Records Site
  21. National Genealogical Society
  22. USGenWeb Project
  23. Genealogy Resource List from QR Scanner
  24. USGenWeb Census Project
  25. WorldGenWeb Project
  26. StateGenSites
  27. The Internet Directory of Genealogical and Historical Societies
  28. Genealogy--Part of the History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers
  29. Geneabios
  30. NameAndFame.com
  31. Foreign Names Cross Referenced
  32. GeneaNet (allows surname searches)
  33. The Seeker, Reuniting the World!
  34. Italian occupations and their English equivalents
  35. Oneida Indian Nation
  36. Native American Genealogy
  37. A Guide to the Great Sioux Nation
  38. Lakota Wowapi Oti Kin: Lakota Information Home Page
  39. Native American Resources on the Internet
  40. Noah's American Indian Genealogy Resources
  41. Metis Families
  42. The Afrigeneas Homepage
  43. National Library of Canada
  44. National Atlas of Canada
  45. Canadian National Archives
  46. Canada GenWeb Project
  47. Banque de lien Genealogique
  48. The French Connection
  49. OCFA (Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid)
  50. Canadian Genealogy & History Links
  51. Eastern Townships-Quebec
  52. NB Gen Links - Researching New Brunswick
  53. Acadian and Cajun Heritage
  54. Genealogy - Acadian and French Canadian
  55. GENE2000 - Le Web de la genealogie
  56. The Denis Beauregard Genealogy Page
  57. Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia
  58. Alberta Genealogical Society
  59. British Colombia Genealogical Society
  60. Ontario Genealogical Society
  61. Quebec Family Historical Society's Home Page
  62. GeneaGuide : le portail de la genealogie
  63. Societe d'Histoire et de Genealogie de Riviere-du-Loup
  64. American-French Genealogical Society
  65. Creoles of Color in 19th Century New Orleans
  66. Channel Islands Genealogy and More (Alex Glendining)
  67. Telephone Directories of the World
  68. Darci's Search Page
  69. Cemetery Junction
  70. Association for Gravestone Studies
  71. Celebrity Grave Hunter
  72. USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project
  73. Cemetery Research and Gravestone Rubbings - A How-To Site
  74. Interment.net
  75. Ancestors At Rest
  76. Merriam-Webster Online
  77. OneLook Dictionaries
  78. Genealogical Journeys In Time
  79. Genealogy Lesson Plans
  80. Geographic Nameserver
  81. Treasure Maps the How-to Genealogy
  82. The History Place - The Past into the Future
  83. GenieSpeak
  84. CzechoSlovak Genealogical Society International (CGSI)
  85. Czech Republic, Bohemia, and Moravia Genealogy Research
  86. Czech & Slovak American Genealogy Society of Illinois
  87. Eastern Slovakia, Slovak and Carpatho-Rusyn Genealogy Research
  88. The Federation of East European Family History Societies
  89. Polish Genealogical Society of America
  90. The Polish Connection
  91. Info-Ukes Page
  92. Online Genealogical Database Index
  93. Family History Foundation
  94. Ancestor Surnames
  95. Surname Site
  96. The Gathering of the Clans
  97. Scottish Genealogy
  98. Family History Fairs in the UK
  99. The Lineage of the Royal Princes of England
  100. Internet Genealogical Index UK
  101. UK and Ireland Genealogy
  102. Irish Family History Foundation
  103. The National Archives of Ireland
  104. All Irish Clans And Names
  105. Obituary Depot - WorldWide Obituary Locator and Newspaper Directory
  106. The Obituary Links Page
  107. WWW Genealogy Resources for Specific States in the United States
  108. WWW Genealogy Resources for Specific Countries (non United States)
  109. Historical Genealogy Department (Allen County Public Library)
  110. Cook Memorial Public Library's Genealogy Pages
  111. The Greenbrier Historical Society
  112. The Newberry Library
  113. Newberry Guide to Topics in Genealogy
  114. Ogdensburg Public Library
  115. The WWW Virtual Library: History
  116. Milwaukee Urban Archives
  117. Maine State Library
  118. Ontario County Records and Archives Center
  119. Maps Can Help You Trace Your Family Tree
  120. Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
  121. Odden's Bookmarks - Fascinating World of Maps and Mapping
  122. National Geographic's Map Machine
  123. Maps and References
  124. Maps at Other Web Sites
  125. Rare Map Collection at Hargrett Library
  126. Early American Trails and Roads
  127. Calendar Zone (every conceivable calendar for dating)
  128. Looking for Lost Ancestors--Ancestors Genealogy Research
  129. USPS Address and ZIP Code Information
  130. Your Family.com - Find Lost Relatives and Ancestors
  131. Find Lost Ones
  132. Deerfield, Massachusetts Indian Raid in 1704 info
  133. The Emigration from Iceland to America
  134. Nordic Notes on the Net
  135. Genealogical Research in Finland
  136. Rootsweb Genealogical Data Cooperative
  137. RootsWeb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees "Using technology to dig up roots"
  138. Roots-L Home Page
  139. Roots-L Search Page
  140. Heraldry on the Internet
  141. PAF Review - Home Page
  142. Family Tree Searcher
  143. GenLookups.com
  144. Genealogy Finds
  145. Colonial Ancestors
  146. Ancestors Home Page
  147. CompuServe's Genealogy Forum home page
  148. Western Michigan Genealogical Society
  149. VVF-G&C Internet Home Page
  150. Italian Genealogy? Start Here!
  151. Italian Genealogy Research
  152. Doug Schorey (Swiss) Genealogy Home Page
  153. Kraig Ruckel's Palatine & Pennsylvania Dutch Genealogy Home Page
  154. German Genealogy Home Page
  155. German Migration Resource Center
  156. Genealogy Benelux Home Page
  157. Genealogía española (Spanish Genealogy)
  158. Genealogy Macedonia
  159. APG - Salt Lake Chapter
  160. Utah State Archives
  161. GenSearcher
  162. History Computerization Project
  163. Ancestor Quest Genealogy
  164. Births, Deaths and Marriage Records Resources
  165. United States Vital Records Information
  166. Researching a Spanish American War Veteran
  167. American Battle Monuments Commission
  168. World War I - Trenches on the Web
  169. Korean War Project
  170. Remembrance (Vietnam)
  171. Etched in Stone (Vietnam casualty database)
  172. American Veteran Search
  173. Tisbury, MA
  174. Amelia's Alabama Genealogy
  175. Arizona State Genealogical Society
  176. South Orange County, California Genealogy Society
  177. Delaware Genealogical Society
  178. Genealogical Research in the Pensacola Area
  179. Cherokee County Georgia Genealogy
  180. Illinois Trails
  181. Kansas Genealogy
  182. Kalamazoo Valley (Michigan) Genealogical Society
  183. Mobile Genealogical Society
  184. Minnesota Genealogical Society
  185. Genealogical Research Society of New Orleans
  186. New York State Archives
  187. New York State Genealogy Internet Resources
  188. The Ohio Historical Society Home Page
  189. Ohio River Valley Families
  190. Coshocton Ohio Page
  191. On This Day In Oregon - A Daily Calendar of Oregon Historical Events
  192. Southwest Oklahoma Genealogical Society
  193. Anderson County (Texas) Genealogical Society
  194. Wisconsin State Archives
  195. Sheboygan County Historical Research Center
  196. Genealogy Resources on the Net
  197. Simon Wiesenthal Center
  198. JewishGen
  199. Jewish Genealogy Information and Resource Links
  200. JGL: Jewish Genealogy Links
  201. Jewish Studies Library - The Holocaust
  202. Sephardic Genealogy
  203. City/State Information
  204. Roots Users Group of Arlington, VA
  205. Find it on StateSearch
  206. Golden Lyon II (Delmarva) Genealogical Research
  207. GNIS Online Database Query Form
  208. Circus, Theater, Music Hall & Itinerant Professions
  209. Salem Witch Trials 1692- A Chronology of Events
  210. Notable Women Ancestors
  211. Maryland State Archives
  212. Dead Fred - Genealogy Photo Archive
  213. The Virginia On-Line Atlas Map Creation Form
  214. Allegheny Regional Family History Society
  215. Southwest Virginia History and Genealogy
  216. American Local History Network
  217. Australian Family History Compendium
  218. Dead Persons Society (DPS) Canberra ACT Australia - Home Page
  219. Genealogy in Australia
  220. Judy's Genealogy Info-Page (Australia)
  221. National Library of Australia Home Page
  222. Central Register of Indexing Projects in Australia
  223. Queensland State Archives
  224. Chinese Surnames
  225. Chinese in Guyana: Their Roots
  226. Searchable Genealogy Links (Lauren Knoblauch)
  227. Darci's New York Genealogy Portal
  228. Peggy's Links to Genealogy Sites
  229. Cuban Genealogy Resources
  230. Hispanic Genealogy
  231. Genealogy Resources on the Internet
  232. BirthQuest
  233. Hebrew National Orphan Home
  234. Missing Persons Register
  235. Adoption Puzzle
  236. Person Locator and Adoption Related Links
  237. PA Adoption Search Menu
  238. Ireland Born Adoptees Bulletin Board
  239. Moravian Church Genealogy Links
  240. The Olive Tree Genealogy
  241. Famous Roots
  242. Genealogy World Transcriptions
  243. All Ancestors
  244. All Genealogy Sites
  245. The Genealogy Spot
  246. About.com Genealogy
  247. The Genealogy Register
  248. Sherry Miller's Genealogy Page
  249. MerryM's Home Page and Genealogy Information
  250. Nigel Batty-Smith's Genealogy Site
  251. Hudson Genealogy and History in Limestone County, Alabama
  252. Family-Reunion.com - Where your family reunion begins
  253. Genealogy in Texas and Beyond
  254. GenServ - Genealogical Server Information
  255. Lone Star Genealogy
  256. Three-Legged Willie - History and Genealogy of Williamson County, Texas
  257. Genealogy Newsletter
  258. Family Newsletter News
  259. Genealogist's Index to the World Wide Web
  260. ShadCat's Free Genealogy Listings
  261. See also Commercial Sites

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