A Barrel of Genealogy Links
A Barrel of Genealogy Links

Civil War Resources

  1. War of the Rebellion (a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies)
  2. 1883 Pensioners Online
  3. U.S. Civil War Center
  4. The American Civil War
  5. Civil War Battle Summaries by State
  6. The American Civil War Homepage
  7. The Gettysburg Discussion Group
  8. The Civil War Trust
  9. Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System
  10. GAR (Grand Army of the Republic) Homepage
  11. Virginia Military Institute Archives
  12. The Civil War Home Page
  13. 4 Score Battlefield Preservation Movement
  14. Andersonville Civil War Prison (fascinating reading)
  15. 1st Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry
  16. 1st Kentucky Brigade, CSA, the "Orphan Brigade"
  17. 1st Maryland Cavalry Battalion, CSA
  18. History of First Ohio Light Artillery, Battery L
  19. 1st West Virginia Cavalry
  20. 2nd Tennessee Infantry Regiment (Union)
  21. 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
  22. 3rd Ohio Volunteer Cavalry
  23. 3rd Regiment, Company G, Georgia Volunteer Infantry
  24. 5th New York Volunteer Infantry (Duryee's Zouaves)
  25. 6th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment
  26. Ninth Georgia Regiment, CSA
  27. 9th Tennessee Cavalry
  28. The Wartime Diary of John Weathered (9th Tennessee Cavalry or Bennett's Regiment)
  29. 10th Texas Infantry
  30. 11th Texas Cavalry
  31. 12th West Virginia Infantry
  32. Thirteenth Regiment Infantry, Companies D & F, Maine Volunteers at Ship Island, Mississippi
  33. 13th New York Volunteer Infantry
  34. 14th KY Volunteer Infantry
  35. Fourteenth Regiment Infantry, Maine Volunteers
  36. 15th Alabama Company B Reenactment Group
  37. 15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
  38. 15th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers Co. C
  39. 16th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  40. 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.
  41. 20th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (The Harvard Regiment)
  42. 20th Tennessee Cavalry, CSA
  43. Tennessee Chronicles
  44. 28th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
  45. 28th Louisiana Infantry Regiment- "Gray's Regiment"
  46. 32nd Infantry Regiment Iowa Volunteers
  47. 32nd Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers Co. E
  48. 43rd Indiana Infantry
  49. 45th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  50. 48th Illinois Infantry
  51. 48th Ohio Veteran Volunteer Infantry Regiment
  52. 49th Indiana Volunteer Infantry -Company "F" (Reenactment Unit)
  53. 51st Virginia Infantry Regiment (Roster)
  54. 51st Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  55. 53rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Company "C"
  56. 54th Pennsylvania Volunteer Reserves Co. D
  57. 64th Regiment, New York State Volunteer Infantry ("Cattaraugus Regiment")
  58. 64th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  59. 66th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  60. 111th New York Volunteers
  61. 142nd Regiment, Ohio Infantry
  62. New York Volunteers 188th Regiment Co. A
  63. 188th Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteers
  64. Connecticut in the Civil War
  65. Pennsylvania Civil War Volunteers
  66. The Illinois Civil War Project
  67. Michigan in the Civil War
  68. Virginia Confederate Infantry Units
  69. United States Colored Troops (formed in North Carolina)
  70. Tennessee Colored Pension Applications for CSA Service
  71. Huwald's Tennessee Mountain Howitzer Battery
  72. Revised Regulations for the Army of the United States, 1861 (Beautifully Illustrated)
  73. Carroll College Civil War Institute
  74. Civil War Publications from Eastern Digital Resources
  75. The American Civil War Homepage
  76. The Electric Cemetery
  77. Civil War Women - On-line Archival Collections
  78. Battle of Chickamauga: An Alabama Infantry Regiment's Perspective
  79. Civil War in Miniature
  80. Jim Schmidt's Civil War Site
  81. Civil War Photographs at Library of Congress
  82. The Gettysburg Address at Library of Congress
  83. Iowa Civil War Heritage Foundation Page
  84. Iowa During the Civil War
  85. Civil War in SE Kentucky
  86. Index to the Civil War in Missouri
  87. South Carolina in the Civil War Homepage
  88. Ulysses S. Grant Home Page
  89. John A. Rawlins--Aide to U.S. Grant
  90. Civil War Washington
  91. Sons of Confederate Veterans
  92. The Valley of the Shadow: Living the Civil War in Virginia and Pennsylvania
  93. VMI Archives--Civil War Page
  94. United States Civil War (1861-1865)
  95. A brief introduction to Genealogy and the Civil War
  96. ILTweb: History Civil War Home Page
  97. How to Order CW Military & Pension Records
  98. Library of Congress: American Memory--Selected Civil War Photographs
  99. The Civil War Collection
  100. Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
  101. The Confederate Network
  102. Civil War Information on Northern Florida
  103. Civil War Prison Camps
  104. American Civil War Links
  105. A narrative of the experiences of Robert Pierce while a soldier in the civil war
  106. Sgt. Richard Warren, Company F of the 111th New York Volunteers, His Life and Times
  107. Letters of the Civil War
  108. Michigan Historical Museum (Michigan Battle Flags)
  109. Causes of the Civil War
  110. Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis Shrine
  111. The Civil War in Georgia
  112. MOLLUS--History
  113. Lee's Retreat
  114. Calvin Jones Andrews, CSA
  115. Civil War Personal Collection
  116. Ultimate Civil War Reference Manual
  117. The Rural Citizen Online Bookstore
  118. Broadfoot Publishing Company (Civil War Books and CD-ROMs)
  119. Women in the Civil War Book Listing
  120. Civil War Medical Staff Press
  121. Regimental Battleflags of the War Between the States
  122. Cassie & Tom's Gettysburg Trips
  123. Ron Wall Miniatures
  124. Civil War Research Associates

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