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Since many bloggers have creative names for their genealogy blogs, we thought it would be helpful to have a listing by the primary contibutor's name.

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Corporate Blogs

  • Genealogy Bank
  • Genealogy Bloggers
    Here's our comprehensive listing of genealogy bloggers.

    Aitken, Kenneth G.

  • Genealogy Education

    Allen, Paul (the lesser)

  • Paul Allen's Blog

    Alzo, Lisa

  • Accidental Genealogist

    Ball, Jill

  • Geniaus

    Barney, Edna

  • Blog Some Genealogy

    Becker, Paula

  • Wearing Grandpa's Hat

    Berry, Kenyatta D.

  • African American Genealogy

    Bowles, David

  • Westward Sagas


  • Bridey's This & That

    Brown, Janice

  • Cow Hampshire

    Byers, Shannon

  • Ancestrally Challenged

    Cormier, Aline

  • Acadian Roots

    D'Addezio, Illya

  • Beyond Genealogy

    Danko, Steve

  • Steve's Genealogy Blog

    Dardashti, Schelly Talalay

  • MyHeritage Blog
  • Tracing the Tribe

    Doerflinger, Elyse

  • Elyse's Genealogy Blog

    Drew, Lee

  • FamHist
  • Lineagekeeper

    Dunham, Chris

  • The Genealogue
  • Gen Sites I Don't Hate

    Eakle, Arlene H.

  • Arlene H Eakle

    Eastman, Dick

  • Eastman's Online Genealogy

    Edwards, JudyRosella

  • Outdoor Genealogy

    Elliott, Sharon

  • BackTrack

    Fenley, Sheri

  • Educated Genealogist

    Frazel, Midge

  • Granite in My Blood

    Garrison, Marina

  • Marina's Genealogy Blog

    Geary, Patricia

  • Genealogy Tips

    Geyer, Christina

  • Shaking the Tree

    Grbin, Nick

  • Genealogy 4 Beginners

    Grow, David

  • Family Pulse

    Haddad, Diane

  • Genealogy Insider

    Hall, Gene

  • FamilyTrackers Blog

    Henderson, Harold

  • Midwestern Microhistory

    Hogan, Kathryn Lake

  • Looking 4 Ancestors

    Huff, Dana

  • Our Family History

    Huskonen, Wallace

  • NEOhio Genealogy Blog

    Ingles, Peggy

  • Collecting dead relatives..

    Jacobs, Sally

  • Practical Archivist


  • Creative Gene

    Johnson, Seth

  • Putting the Family Puzzle Together

    Johnson, Steve

  • Family & Local Histories
  • Blog

    Kemp, Tom

  • Genealogy Librarian News

    Kessler, Louis

  • My Behold Blog

    Kimmitt, Polly

  • Pollyblog

    Klaiber, Teresa

  • Eastern Kentucky Genealogy
  • Lambert, David

  • DavidLambertBlog.Com

    Lawyer, Dan

  • Taking Genealogy...

    Levenick, Denise

  • The Family Curator

    Lindsay, Elisabeth

  • GenWeekly

    Lippincott, Sharon

  • Heart and Craft

    MacEntee, Thomas

  • GeneaBloggers

    Manton, Laurie

  • Graveyard Detective

    Mary Kaye

  • The Genealogy Journey

    Massey, Brian

  • Ancestors At Rest
  • Family Bibles
  • Antique Hunter

    Meitzler, Leland

  • Genealogy Blog

    Meyerink, Kory L.

  • Family Roots Radio

    Middleton, John

  • Genealogy Data Backup

    Midkiff, Miriam

  • AnceStories

    Neill, Michael John


    Nozell, Marc

  • Marc Nozell's Blog

    O'Laughlin, Michael

  • Irish Roots Cafe

    Olson, Denise Barrett

  • Family Matters

    Palmer, Cheryl Fleming

  • Heritage Happens

    Partridge, Dennis

  • Genealogy Help

    Pointkouski, Donna

  • What's Past is Prologue

    Powell, Kimberly

  • About: Genealogy

    Reid, Kathi

  • Ancestor Search Blog

    Richley-Erickson, Pat (aka Myrt)

  • DearMYRTLE

    Roscoe, Diane

  • Your Genealogy Search

    S, Anna-Karin

  • Anna-Karin's Genealogical Blog

    Schulze, Lorine McGinnis

  • Olive Tree Genealogy Blog
  • The Paper Trail
  • Past Voices

    Schulze, Tyler

  • BlackSheep Ancestors

    Seaver, Randy

  • Genea-Musings

    Smith, Drew

  • Drew's Genealogical Research

    Smith, Juliana

  • Family History Circle

    Smolenyak, Megan Smolenyak

  • Megan's Roots World

    Sweeny, Matthew

  • Sweeny Files

    Taylor, Maureen

  • Photo Detective

    Tokerud, Janet

  • Janet's Genealogy Blog

    Tucker, Mark

  • Think Genealogy

    Watkins, Hugh

  • Genealoge

    Weil, Marty

  • ephemera

    Wilkinson, Mark

  • Wilkinsons' Tree

    Wiseman, Becky

  • kinexxions

    Zamora, Renee

  • Renee's Genealogy Blog

    Zenner, Michelle

  • Louisiana Genealogy Blog

    Zillman, Marcus P.

  • Genealogy Resources

    Zimmerman, Valorie

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