Book Review: Genealogical Research in Nebraska by Ruby Coleman

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Most researchers start a family history project by checking out genealogy websites. But once that is exhausted, where do you go next? State, locality, and regionally specific books can provide repository names and addresses, overviews of collections available, and existing records for a locality that can assist you as you continue your research.

Nebraska genealogist and blogger Ruby Coleman begins her book, Genealogical Research in Nebraska, with a history of Nebraska settlement, colonization, and development by railroad; she then goes on to describe the record categories that are available for Nebraska records including,court, land, military, school, cemeteries institutional, and religious records. She also discusses records that are more unique such as orphan trains, cattle brands and state censuses. An important section detailing Nebraska state censuses and census substitutes will provide genealogists with some ideas of places to search that will list their ancestor between the years of 1854-1976. Starting with a historical background, the book allows the reader to learn more about how the history of Nebraska affects the type of records and the availability of records.

Ms. Coleman, who is also a writer for GenealogyToday, states in the introduction that her book is not a comprehensive guide. While true, this volume does provide those with Nebraska roots an introduction to research in Nebraska that includes records, repositories, and websites. A suggested reading list will help researchers find additional resources to break down those Nebraska brick walls. Genealogical Research in Nebraska provides those with Nebraska ancestors a foundation about records and repositories to search to find their ancestors. For a continued discussion on Nebraska genealogy, check out Ruby's blog Nebraska Roots and Ramblings.

"Genealogical Research in Nebraska," by Ruby R. Coleman. Bountiful, UT: Family Roots Publishing, 2011.

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