Book Review: How to Make Money Selling Genealogy Information, by Dick Eastman.

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It's inevitable that as new researchers become passionate about genealogy, they start thinking about ways they can make their hobby into a career. Dick Eastman's "How to Make Money Selling Genealogy Information" provides one idea about how to make some money as a genealogist.

Eastman's (author of the blog/newsletter Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter) work introduces the idea of finding public domain content (such as books published prior to 1923 ), scanning them and selling them online. In this eBook he explains all that would need to be done to make this idea into a money-making opportunity. Will this make you rich? No, but it is one idea if you wish to pursue opportunities in the genealogical field.

One of the benefits of Eastman's idea is that it could be done as an individual or it could also be a fundraiser for a genealogy or historical society. While an individual genealogist may be interested in making older family histories or even history books available, a genealogy society might be interested in the digitization of older works pertaining to the families, histories or even records of their community.

This book is adapted from a series of articles Eastman wrote for the plus edition of his newsletter, back in 2007. Because the Internet is always changing, some information may be out of date in regards to services, fees, and website addresses, but the ideas that he presents here are still valid. In my Nook version of the book, the table of contents is of little help to the reader: "Chapters" do not have titles. The title for the first chapter, part 1, simply says "This is the first installment of a five-part article." It's important for readers to remember this is a compilation of five articles and not a traditional "book."

Dick Eastman is a pioneer in providing genealogical information and ideas on the Internet. Making a living in genealogy can mean being involved in a variety of activities. "How to Make Money" is but one idea that a genealogist may want to consider as they develop and implement a business plan.

For those interested in purchasing this work, I bought it through the Barnes and Noble online store to read on my Nook. On the Nook it comes in at 36 pages and costs $2.99.

How to Make Money Selling Genealogy Information, by Dick Eastman. is also available on the self-publishing website Lulu as a PDF for $2.00 (25 pages).

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