Book Review: Some Early Scots in Maritime Canada

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Sometimes finding an immigrant ancestor in his new homeland can be tricky. An index such as Volume 1 of "Some Early Scots in Maritime Canada" can help you start your research and then lead you to additional records.

According to information about the book, found on, on the publisher's website, "While they left behind a scattered body of records, it is important to remember that there were two main streams of immigration to the Maritimes, one commencing in the Scottish Highlands, the other in the New England colonies during the period of the Revolutionary War. Fragmentary and scattered though these records are, this book attempts to put names and places to a few thousand of these immigrants in the hope that some readers may find an ancestor or a kinsman."

Using records found in the Nova Scotia Archives and the Public Archives of New Brunswick, a variety of sources are transcribed for this work including:

• Prince Edward Island Deaths

• Scots Married, Catholic Church, Halifax, NS, 1803-1842

• Scots in Local Histories

• Headstones of Scottish Immigrants

Over 170 pages of resources span newspapers, probate records, censuses, cemetery records and more. What you will find here is not just indexes of names, but additional information as well. For example, in one section of wills, the name of the deceased, their death date, the date of the will and when it was proved, and additional names found in the will are all listed. This allows the researcher to easily identify their family versus a family with the same surname.

There is a huge benefit to bookmarking the publisher's website that you may want to be aware of: you to conduct a name search through its books. Now this is not a search for the name of an author or a book title, that is also found in a search box on their homepage. This name search, found at the top left of the website, allows you to search for names found within their publications. I conducted several searches on names found in "Some Early Scots . . ." and while that book does not seem to be indexed through this search, other books about Scottish immigrants are. This is a wonderful tool to use to find other mentions of an ancestor's name and what book(s)s they can be found in.

An index of ship names and of surnames found at the back of this book can aid the search for your ancestor in this volume. If your ancestor was Scottish and migrated to the Maritimes, make sure you check out the other two volumes of this work as well.

Some Early Scots in Maritime Canada, Volume 1, by Terrence M. Punch. Baltimore, Md: Genealogical Pub. Co., 2011.

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