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Effective June 30, 2008, this paid service is no longer available, and has been replaced with free listings as part of our new Live Roots project.

First, if you're not a Team Roots member, please setup an account (it's free). This password-protected account will be how you will update your profile.

Second, search Live Roots for your own name to see if a profile already exists. If it does, please send me an email and I will link the profile to your Team Roots account. If you did not find an existing profile, mention that in the email (see next step) listing all of your published works.

Third, send me an email listing any websites, books, podcasts, videos, etc. that you've published, and I will make sure they all link to your profile.

Fourth, if you use a Google Calendar to track your speaking engagements, send me a link to it and I will include a feed of upcoming events to your profile page.

You will be able to update your profile from either the GenealogyToday.com or LiveRoots.com websites.

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