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Welcome to our Canadian Corner. Launched in 2002, this area of our site is dedicated to highlighting excellent Canadian resources and providing helpful articles on Canadian genealogy topics and news events.

Canadian War Ration Books - Shortly after the commencement of World War Two, rationing was introduced in an effort to ensure that everyone got their fair share of essential food items.

Census Records in Ontario - The first general Ontario census was taken in 1842, 1848 and 1851 but not all survive. There are scattered returns prior to 1842. by Lorine McGinnis Schulze

O Canada: An Introduction to Canadian Research - When French and English settlers began to colonize Canada, it was already inhabited by various Native American peoples. by Kyle J. Betit (Ancestry.com)

Newspaper Records of Passengers to Canada - There is a well-known dearth of early lists of ship passengers who arrived at ports in what is now the Dominion of Canada. by Charles Addington (Ancestry.com)


The Acadian-Cajun Family ($)

Ontario City Directories
Ontario Census Extracts
Ontario Cemetery Transcriptions

1887 Civil Service List of Canada
1898 Civil Service List of Canada

1925 Officers of Maple Leaf Lodge
1926 Officers of Maple Leaf Lodge
1919 Maple Leaf Lodge Members
St. Anthony's League Financial Report
St. Boniface School for Nurses 1924 Commencement
Iroquois High School 1905 Commencement
The Strathcona Oracle 1928-29 Year Book
Midland High Review March 1926
Midland High Review March 1928
Midland High Review March 1929
32nd Halifax Ladies College Catalogue
1785-1811 Parish Register of Kingston


Clan Baird Soc. of Atlantic Canada
Newfoundland Historical Society
Genealogical Assoc. of Nova Scotia
Yarmouth County Historical Society
Sir Andrew Macphail Foundation
American-French Gen. Society
French Canadian Gen. Society
Norfolk Historical Society
Ontario Heritage Foundation
Manitoba Genealogical Society
Saskatoon Heritage Society
Alberta Genealogical Society
British Columbia Federation
N.W.T. Genealogical Society


the Spaghetti League Canadians and the Italian Campaign - Almost 93,000 Canadians served in the forgotten theater that they derisively labeled "the Spaghetti League" during the 18-month sojourn in the Mediterranean. (Amazon.com)

In Search of Pegasus The Canadian Airborne Experience - Canada's paratroopers represent the best combat soldiers the country has to offer. (Amazon.com)

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Canadian Corner launched Jan. 23, 2002

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