Where's MY Family Tree?

by Christine Sievers

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Two metaphors come to mind for genealogical research. One is a jigsaw puzzle whose pieces were scattered around the room. The other metaphor that genealogical research brings to mind is a good mystery story. This column will give you some of the tools to help uncover the mystery of your family tree, and I hope will help you to answer the question, "Where's MY Family Tree?".

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The Federal Census Online
There are two types of online census sites, free and paid. This article will take a look at both types.

Introduction to the US Federal Census
After finding the death, marriage, and birth records of your ancestor, it is time to start searching for census records. This article will help you get started.

Birth Certificates
Since we are working backwards, the birth certificate is the last vital record for your ancestor.

Marriage Documents Pt. 2 - Church Records
By the late 1800's, registration of marriages were records kept by almost all of the states.

Searching for Marriage Certificates
For recent ancestors, this information is easier than finding later records.

Genealogist's Essential Reference Books
You will find yourself referring back to these books many times; no matter what time period of American history you are researching, or what level of expertise you have in genealogy.

Funeral Home Records
We have been dealing with the artifacts of death in the last articles. I promise that we will move on to happier times soon.

Finding Documentation at a Cemetery
If you are unable to find the death certificate of your ancestor, cemeteries can offer an abundance of information.

Searching for Obituaries
Obituaries contain helpful resources for your family research, providing the names of siblings, children and other relatives.

Death Certificates: The First Step Into The Past
Remember the key point of genealogical research- start from the present and work backwards.

Start With the Living
Now that you have found the direction of where you will be starting your research, it is time to start gathering all the documentation.

Finding Your Focus
This month, we will be working on getting our research organized. Then, I will show you how you can decide on a plan of action.

The Technological Gadgets of Genealogy
The purpose of this article is to keep you from getting overwhelmed by the array of products.

Who Said Aunt Tillie Eloped?
Most of us can remember the time when we first got bitten by the genealogy bug. Later, I learned more about the serious pursuit of genealogy. That was when I discovered my errors.

Let's Get Started
Christine's welcome to this new column.

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