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Our team of experts provide insights into difficult topics, provide reviews of new books and sites, and teach you how to get past your brick walls.

Tracing Lines
Good methods of research (methodology) and genealogical computing.
by Ruby Coleman

Everyday Genealogy
Focuses on family history, long-lost occupations, historical misconceptions, and profiles of top genealogical libraries.
by Bob Brooke

Where's MY Family Tree?
This column will give you some of the tools to help uncover the mystery of your family tree, and I hope will help you to answer this elusive question.
by Christine Sievers

Missing Pieces
The purpose of this column is to inform, relate personal experiences, and generate ideas about open adoption - all from the perspective of the birthmother.
by Lisa Ritter Starr

The Great Roots Pursuit
A monthly column that will help make family history an enjoyable pursuit for young people.
by Deanna Corbeil

Turning Over New Leaves Turning Over New Leaves
Bringing you helpful information on genealogy sites.
by Judy Sander Cockrell

Atlantic Crossings Atlantic Crossings
For people in America and Canada who are researching ancestors from the U.K.
by Philip Westwood

Canadian Connections NEW!
To educate genealogists as to where Canadian sources are located and how to use them.
by E.B. Lapointe

Sue's Genealogy Recipes Sue's Genealogy Recipes
"Recipes" for success with your family tree research.
by Sue Hillier Roe

The Human Side of Genealogy The Human Side of Genealogy
Stories on coming to terms with what one discovers in genealogy.
by Kathleen Spaltro

Genealogy Online Weekly Column New Beginnings
Tips and stories to help "Jump Start" your search efforts.
by Barb "turp" Olivier

Adventures in Genealogy Adventures in Genealogy
An offbeat look at genealogy through the eyes of an East Texas Redneck.
by Uncle Hiram

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