Turning Over New Leaves


by Judy Sander Cockrell

Somedays it seems as though I can stare at my keyboard and somehow get the feeling that I have never touched one before, or my bookmarks and favorites lists have lost that friendly glow. I have searched and studied and surfed until I think I see relatives that belong to me, only to find these ancestors I have seen so often just exist on the same web sites I read and re-read, looking for that one gap I yearn so to fill. Sound familiar?

Maybe it's time to freshen up the pot just a little. Discover a new corner, or rediscover an old one.


I spent some time playing with EgoSurf, and am impressed with the amount of sites it finds on the first try. Although a lot of the sites that appear, may or may not have any information pertaining to your exact needs, I was suprised to find how many common factors existed for what I had searched.

It also gives you an option to "exclude" words or phrases, so you don't have to read about repetetive honorables with the same family name. And remember, don't limit yourself to just people. Give it a try using an occupation, a town, a hobby or habit that comes to mind when you think of a family member. If nothing else, it may lead you down a new path, and maybe, just maybe, that path will take you right to your front door.

Visit EgoSurf today!

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