Turning Over New Leaves

Eastman Genealogy

by Judy Sander Cockrell

Has anybody ever heard of Eastman Kodak? Ever used a camera? Needed film for that camera? Remember the kodak "swinger"? Ha! Then put on your reading glasses and let's take a walk.

Do you know who was the inventor of this wonderful piece of equipment? George Eastman*. Wow! What a guy.

If you'd like to find out a little, ahem, a lot more about good 'ol George and his family, you have got to check this site out. This site not only provides lots of information, but allows interaction amongst those who can prove he/she is a descendant of Roger Eastman, (b. 1610) the emigrant to America.

And, the sites owner George John Eastman, takes the time out of his 24 hour day, to quickly answer any emails sent, and is kind Enough to welcome you to the family when you submit your name and your descent line. He even sends warm wonderful greetings on the holiday! He really makes you feel like you belong to the family.

And who knows, if you've an Eastman in one of your ancestoral lines, there's a good chance you belong to George's family.

Grab your swinger,, and let's go for the grand tour!

Visit Eastman Genealogy today!

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*George Eastman was born to Maria Kilbourn and George Washington Eastman, the youngest of three children, on July 12, 1854 in the village of Waterville, some 20 miles southwest of Utica, in upstate New York.

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