Turning Over New Leaves

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

by Judy Sander Cockrell

This rather new site on the internet is just a little different than some of the other cemetery search pages that I have seen. I found it to be simple to use and rather refreshingly plain.

You can go directly to a state where there are other genealogy nuts like us, willing to hunt down a headstone, take a picture, or transcribe it and put that little bit of closure on that one family member for you.

Or better yet, you can volunteer to take a healthy walk in a cemetery near your home and help out another that is unable to see what you can see. Take a picture, and pay back all those that have helped you find your family from somewhere far away. As they say, what goes around, comes around, and never so true a statement than in the world of genealogy.

I myself, recently visited a few family graves in the state of washington, and found that there really is a final resting place for those who have gone before me. It seemed so odd to stand in front of a stone that bears my family name, or a date of birth or death that has been etched in my brain for many years, and now can actually see it etched in stone... forever.

I actually shed a few tears at the grave site of my grandmother and grandfather, who died when i was just too young to understand, or to say a proper goodbye. Now I could see what had seemed so scary to me as a child, but really is just a part of life that we all must learn to accept. I told them I missed them and thanked them for my life. I left that day, never feeling better or more whole in my life. They were at rest, and so was I.

So, take a minute, visit this site, and see if you can find a helping hand, and have that chance to say your final goodbyes, and before you leave, sign up to help another do the same. You can make a difference in someones life.

Visit Headstone Hunter today!

It feels good, and I promise, one day, the good will come back to you.

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