Turning Over New Leaves

Shop 'til You Drop

by Judy Sander Cockrell

Shopping is one of americans favorite pastimes outside the home. And indeed, I think we all need to get up out our internet chairs every once in a while and venture out to our favorite book store or mall. but today, let's just spend a couple of extra minutes shopping from home.

There are a million pages of shopping online, but this one in particular may help you find your ancestors.

One never knows what exactly happens to the goodies that are bought at garage and estate sales. Why in fact, just in my neighborhood this weekend, a couple of fellows were selling items from their families estate that had been in storage for over six years. they had not even gone through it, I could tell. You dig, you find, you buy!

My point…… family treasures travel. And many times items end up in places where they are not needed nor wanted. Thankful that those who choose not to throw them away, instead opt to sell them at auction.

And my favorite one? None other than eBay.

I have found old pictures, bibles, jewelry, you name it. I have even seen lockets that still have great grandmothers picture in it as well as a lock of her hair! i purchased a 1949 phone book from my fathers hometown and found lots family names and addresses. plus, it just feels good to have it... a little piece of home ...all for a ten dollar bill.

I will give you a head start before you visit. Once you find this site, type in your surname, and behind it type family, genealogy, history etc.

Or maybe go for a city name of genealogy interest such as seattle genealogy, or fort worth history, or go for family jewelry, or antique locket, or family bible…….well you get my point. there is so much genealogy for sale at this site, it will amaze you.

I hope you are one of the lucky ones to find a family treasure, or maybe just a trinket that reminds you of a piece of your past. And if by chance you find something that belongs in your past, please drop back by and let me know of your story. I would love to share it with the rest of the world.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Visit eBay today!

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