Turning Over New Leaves

Red Eagle

by Judy Sander Cockrell

I have found a very heart warming story of a woman, who I will call Red Eagle. Born in Des Moines, Iowa, she has spent more than twenty years in Texas, only finding within the last decade a longing for her true heritage, the American Indian.

There are many sites on the internet that pursue the various different tribes and indian ancestors of our nation, and I find them all very captivating. I have chosen Red Eagle's site this week because of her love of the Pow Wow dance in full regalia, and the unusual crafts of her trade.

She also offers material on tracing your indian ancestors. I had the opportunity to speak with Red Eagle, and found myself becoming very interested in the medicines and lore of her Cherokee and Choctaw ancestors. Here are a few comments from our… ahem…. "Pow Wow”

"I have been able to help many people that have been touched by the sincerity of my home page and the pain it took to share with others. I am not the only one who has and is going through the same heartache no matter what heritage they may have.

Also, the items I make and purchase for others to buy keeps me encouraged and the support allows me to continue to try to help others. Making things that give other people joy is a great comfort for me."

- Red Eagle

Take a moment to visit my site of the week Red Eagle Creations!

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