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by Judy Sander Cockrell

Several weeks ago I put out a plea, asking for help in finding homes for pictures of the boys from WWII. They were in a collection of photos from my father's Estate.

What a tremendous response I received!

I was able to locate the direct descendents of Tony Taddonio, Otis (Tex) Grubbs, and Eddie Perry. The pictures of these three are now on their way home where they belong.

Conversing with Tony Taddonio's son, he not only shared some fond memories of his dad with me, but also was able to tell me exactly where all of these guys served together during the war. I have now military information on my father that I never had before, plus a web site that lists every single one of my boys from WWII.

After speaking with the site owner and he kindly offered to take the rest of the unclaimed photos and put them up on his web site. Be sure to check back often, as the pictures will be posted soon. They are on their way to England as we speak.

I just want to take this moment to thank everybody who responded, without all of your kindness, none of this story would have ever come true, and for that I am forever grateful. Please take a moment to see where all these boys lived, fought, and shared their lives together.

The Boys From WWII -- Years, long past, memories never forgotten.

Also, please check out Ken Harbour's 351 BG(H), US 8th Air Force, W.W. II page. He will also be posting the pictures from "The Boys" later this month, and so everyone will have a chance to see them as they follow the story.

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