Turning Over New Leaves

Ellensburg, Washington

by Judy Sander Cockrell

I had the opportunity to visit the historical Ellensburg earlier this year and found a treasure trove of history. This Kittitas County town is full of museums, galleries, and the downtown walk is a blast from the past without question.

My favorite place to visit? Why, the library of course! And did I find the best of the best there! His name is Milton Wagy.

Milton is the libraries historical wizard. He amazed me with his knowledge while I was visiting, and continues to amaze me from afar. He kiddingly told me he'd find a way to send me back home with a suitcase full of family and historical information, and he was not kidding. He made my weeks stay there in the town of Ellensburg not only monumental in my family gatherings, but he made sure I had maps to find my way around town, and gave me personal glimpses into the world of Kittitas county.

I have never felt so at home.

Never in my searches have I ever found one single individual who has given so much energy and compassion into the art of genealogy and history.

If you are ever so lucky to have genealogy that leads you to the town of Ellensburg, or Kittitas County, the gold mine that awaits you is simply putů Milton Wagy.

Take a minute and visit the Ellensburg library. Lots of great links to be found!

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