Turning Over New Leaves

Tarrant County Texas Medical Examiner

by Judy Sander Cockrell

Suicide? Accidental overdose? Homicide?

The medical examiners duties can help the genealogist with many unanswered questions. Although it can be a rather touchy subject for some, it is an important part of the chain that links life and death.

In most states, the forensics scientist begins their work if a death has occurred that was either; unattended, of unusual circumstances or violent in nature. Every county has a medical examiner that can be contacted for a copy of a report. This report holds a great deal of infomation on a persons life as well as death, and may lead to previously unknown medical conditions that are passed from generation to generation.

The Tarrant County Texas Medical Examiner has been online for some time now, and can be accessed at the link i will give you at the bottom of this article. I have followed it carefully by using the obituarys in the fort worth newspapers. It is a very interesting site, and is as current as the hour is long.

I would like to see more of the wonderful world of forensics online. It does hold the key to many of lifes most precious questions. Please visit the link below, and see what fantastic information is gathered from the science of the unknown. The science of the medical examiner.

Tarrant County Texas Medical Examiner

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