Turning Over New Leaves

Genealogy List Frenzy

by Judy Sander Cockrell

I happen to belong to many a genealogy list. I find them great fun, very helpful, and a wonderful place to learn just about anything genealogy. In fact, call me hooked!!

My last ten day vacation (without a hint of a computer) found me wondering what I was missing, and did anybody miss me? I realized then how many close (but never met) friends I have made out there. So many willing to do and go places for me that I cannot reach. Or just plain pick me up when I'm on an ancestry low.

I found a cute quip about being on a list that I will give you at the end of this article. I found it on a genealogy web site created by Wally Garchow. He's got some really whimsical slants on genealogy. a must read. (I must add that Wally must be a list member to have such a humor for just how they can get off subject)

If you don't currently belong to a genealogy list, I personally recommend it. Rootsweb has got a zillion different lists to join, and they are a snap to subscribe to. If you don't like it, it's a snap to unsubscribe as well.

Find your favorite county and join! Or, join the list of the county you live in! You can probably help a lot of people just by picking up a phone book, or knowing where a city cemetery is located. I find it amazing that most streets are named after families in our towns that came before us. You can pass this information on to someone that has no way of being there and knowing what you know.

So please, if you can't get out and volunteer in your town, join a list, and help someone, somewhere find their family. You will laugh, learn, love and share.... some of my favorite things to do in life.

Visit Wally's Hooked on Genealogy web site.

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