Turning Over New Leaves

The Four-Leaf Clover
Part Two

by Judy Sander Cockrell

The final bid was shown, and it was not mine!! In a split second, the clock had been against me, and I was not the final bidder. I was crushed and shocked beyond words. How had I let this happen? Who out there could want this bible more than me?

In the flurry of last minute bidding the price had gone seriously past what I could afford to pay, but I didn't care. I was not going to let the money justify my loss, besides family history is priceless.

And now, it really didn't matter, it had all just slipped away forever. I wanted to cry. I was sad the rest of the evening, and upon waking in the morning, It was the first thing that came to mind... I had lost this precious family bible to a stranger, an unknown bidder, a faceless enemy. I couldn't believe my bad luck, I just couldn't shake the dark sadness I was feeling. Boy, I had really blown it this time.

Later on that day, a sudden thought came to me... What if by chance the person who outbid me was in fact an unknown RUTTER family member? After all, who else would be so adamant about having this bible? I stopped what I was doing and sat down at my computer. I went back to the ebay site where I had lost my bid just hours before. There it was, the email address for the auction winner.

The email nickname was "revjoe"... I began my note to this unknown person...

Dear revjoe... My name is judy, and I was the person that was bidding against you last night for the "RUTTER" family bible.

I was hoping you too might be a RUTTER family member. I am related to the RUTTER family and was saddened when I found I had lost the bid. Would you be willing to share the family birth, death and marriage information written inside? I would be so grateful.

I hope to hear from you soon!! Thanks.

I sat back, and read what I had written. I clicked the send button... And waited...

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