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Genealogy Break-Room
Time for a slight break? We all need one every once in a while, and I think it is high time to take a breather.

Ellensburg, Washington
I had the opportunity to visit the historical Ellensburg earlier this year and found a treasure trove of history.

The Last Train Stop
Exactly at the spot where my father had dreamed that the accident occurred there was a train wreck. This story was told to me many times by my father and I have no reason to doubt it.

A Message from Judy
I would like to give you an idea to help you pass the time while you wait for that ever hardening brick wall to tumble.

Questions Unanswered
You may find that little bit of courage you need to change someone's life forever.

More on The Boys
I was able to locate the direct descendents of Tony Taddonio, Otis (Tex) Grubbs, and Eddie Perry.

Red Eagle
A heart warming story of a woman and her Cherokee and Choctaw ancestors.

Oregon Today
So, what do bandleader Doc Severinsen, bionic woman, Linsay Wagner, and Bigfoot all have in common?

The Boys From WWII
I have a box of great pictures from World War II. Nothing would make me happier than to see Johnny come marching home!

Our Timelines
This site allows visitors to place individuals in their family tree in a historical context.

Help Me, Help You
Today, I would like to volunteer myself, to you, my readers.

Today In Texas
For those of you who have family from this part of the country, you are in luck!

Still Searching?
This search tool is known as the library of infinite knowledge.

Cemetery Transcribed
A proud man, a proud family, protecting each other for ever after and beyond.

Shop 'til You Drop
I hope you are one of the lucky ones to find a family treasure.

Lucy's Diary
I felt somewhat obligated to share the volumes of information we had compiled.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side
This rather new site is just a little different than other cemetery search pages.

First Name Basis
I have in many instances run up against what I call "The Name Game."

The World According to Bardens
I have a family here that requires several books to cover...

The Commoner
With a name like Jones, Smith or Johnson on your search list, what does one do?

There are many of us in this big world of ours that share the same sadness. We are motherless daughters.

Heritage Pursuit
This next site is a remarkable place to visit and find your family in either Germany or Ohio?

Eastman Genealogy
If you've an Eastman in one of your direct ancestoral lines, there's a good chance you belong to George's family.

I spent some time playing with EgoSurf, and am impressed with the amount of sites it finds on the first try.

There are a lot of regulars and, trust me, they know their stuff. This site is really a good one.

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