Genealogy Columnists

Online Columns

Along Those Lines... -
By George G. Morgan.

Adventures in Genealogy
A weekly genealogical column with a humorous bent written by William D Hocutt.

Ancestry Daily News -
"A Daily Dose of Genealogy" by Juliana Smith.

Bits of Blue and Gray
A monthly column focused on the American Civil War written by Jayne McCormick.

Cemetery Trail - D'
A series of interesting stories you wouldn't know about if you had just walked through the cemeteries by Eric Miller.

CyberRoots - SurnameWeb.Org
Keep up with what's happening with genealogy across the web.

Dick Eastman Online -
Get the latest family history news and techniques by Dick Eastman.

Digital Genealogy -
The high-tech marriage of genealogy and computers by Drew Smith.

Ebony Ethnics -
A monthly column focused on African American Genealogical Research by Linda Ball.

Family Tree Finders -
Interesting and useful information for tracing your family tree by Rhonda R. McClure.

Finding Helpful Clues the FHC Way -
A monthly column focused on doing research at the Family History Centers written by Gary M Smith.

Genealogy -
By Ken Thomas.

Get It Together -
Learn how to organize yourself and your research by Liz Kerstens.

The Human Side of Genealogy -
Stories about coming to terms with what one discovers in genealogy by Kathy Spaltro.

Kip's Tips -
Valuable insight on all areas of family history by Kip Sperry.

Let's Talk Genealogy -
A Monthly Generalized Genealogy Column written by Diana L Smith.

New Beginnings -
Tips and stories to help "Jump Start" your research efforts by Barb "turp" Olivier.

Shaking Your Family Tree -
By Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CGSM.

Starting From Scratch -
A Monthly Beginners genealogical column written by Jill Syers Clark.

Turning Over New Leaves -
Bringing you helpful information about genealogy sites by Judy Sander Cockrell.

Twigs & Trees -
By Rhonda R. McClure.

Magazine Columns

Back to Basics - Heritage Quest Magazine
By Donna Potter Phillips.

Bits & Bytes - Genealogical Computing
A look at overall trends in the marriage of genealogy and technology by Candace L. Doriott.

Cybrarian - Genealogical Computing
A description of the impact of the Internet on genealogy by Drew Smith.

Digging Deeper - Ancestry Magazine
An analytical column for advanced genealogists who are looking for extra help/sources.

Joy of Genealogy - Heritage Quest Magazine

Laboratory of Life - Genealogical Computing
A new column detailing specific new tools (like pen-sized scanners) that will make genealogists' work a little easier.

Research Cornerstones - Ancestry Magazine
A more general genealogy column, often focusing on a specific record source (court records, military records, etc.)

The Resource Cabinet - Heritage Quest Magazine
By Rhonda McClure.

Step by Step - Ancestry Magazine
A how-to column, emphasizing basic record sources and methods for beginning and intermediate genealogists.

Technology - Ancestry Magazine
A look at how technological advances impact genealogy

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