Sue's Genealogy Recipes

Sue's Genealogy Recipes

"Recipes" for success with your family tree research.


I began writing these "Recipes" a couple of years ago as a column for a Cook surname list. Thus, their original title was "SUE'S COOK BOOK". Later on, I moved the column to another mail list and changed the title to "SUE'S GENEALOGY RECIPES" so they would be fitting for any list or website.

I'm also happy to offer some of them to the Genealogy Today community. Enjoy!

- Sue

Helpful Hints for Library Research
You should always approach a library with a professional attitude...

Copyright Law and Genealogy
As genealogists, we need to know something about copyright law.

Coats of Arms: An Even Bigger Pitfall
There seem to be a lot of American family researchers "adopting" coats of arms these days.

Internet Research: It too can be a Pitfall
The internet has changed the "climate" of genealogical research -- and not always for the better.

Genealogy Pitfall: Family Tradition
Many family traditions are greatly exaggerated or completely fabricated.

The Problem of Dates
One of the problems in doing Early American research is the 1752 date change.

Coming to America: The "Scotch-Irish"
This article is about a group of people who came to be known as the "Scotch-Irish" or the "Ulster Irish".

Coming to America: The Quakers
Although there were some Quakers in New England earlier, they were not Quakers when they arrived.

Coming to America: The Cavaliers and Servants
These were a group of people who emigrated mostly from Southwestern English Counties.

Coming to America: The Puritans
About 80,000 Puritans fled from England because of religious persecution.

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