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Bang The Drum Loudly

Or "Rednecks, Congress and Other Thoughts"

by Uncle Hiram

If you will allow me too, I would like to step out of my role as Genealogy's class clown to discuss a serious subject and how five minutes of your time can help all of us.

As some of you may have read, Senator Orrin Hatch put forward a resolution to support Family History Month. It would designate October as Family History Month. First let me assure everyone that this would not result in higher taxes or a new government agency. It will not give us another paid holiday or send our troops on a peace keeping mission to some place you never heard of.

What it will do is recognize family history as a viable subject worthy of the respect we all know it deserves. As you can tell, this bill will cause no damage to anyone, will cost us nothing and will only reflect well on genealogy.

At this point I am sure Yall are asking yourself, "If it's a win/win why is this redneck complaining?" OK, here is the downside. The bill has not even been presented to the Senate yet. Which means in plain English the odds are still against it becoming a reality.

Hopefully, you are now asking yourself "What can we do to help this become a reality?" The answer is easy, email your Senator. If you need your Senator's address you can find it at

I am including a copy of the "Sample Letter" that DearMyrtle kindly provided on her site. Just for the record, I thought the bill had already passed until I read her write up on the subject.


Dear Senator:

This letter is to request that you respond positively to Senator Orrin G. Hatch's 10 July 2001 letter of request to support a resolution declaring October each year as FAMILY HISTORY MONTH. Senator Hatch is correct in spotlighting the importance of families.

Indeed, "the study of family history gives individuals a sense of their heritage and a sense of responsibility in carrying out a legacy that their ancestors began." Mr. Chris Campbell in Senator Hatch's office would like to provide more information on this resolution, and add your name as a cosponsor. (202) 224-4412.

As one of your constituents, I ask that you vote in favor of this resolution that is of heartfelt importance to me and my family.

(insert your name here)
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Last Week, I gave my first live presentation to a Genealogy Society. I would like to publicly thank the Tri-County Genealogy Society of Leonard Texas for the invitation and for making my first live talk go so well.

- Adios and Keep Smiling!

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