Adventures in Genealogy

Adventures in Genealogy


Or "Rednecks, Amateur Genealogy and Helping Others"

Collateral Lines
Or "Rednecks, Hocking the Truck & Winning Ideas"

George Ferguson, In Person
Or "Rednecks, Golden Gate Genealogy Forum & Clam Chowder"

EBay Outrage
Or "Rednecks, Public Records and Private Outrage"

Female Ancestors
Or "Rednecks, Grandma’s and Wearing Shoes"

Walking the Cemeteries of East Texas
Or "Rednecks, Hard thoughts and Smart Kids"

GenTech Some History
Or "Rednecks, Computer Geeks & Flea Markets"

Or "Rednecks, Obits and Gossip Columns"

Time Slips Away
Or "Rednecks, Solemn Moments and Pan Fried Cornbread"

Family Tree or Forest?
Or "Rednecks, Extended Family and Granpa's 3rd Wives Kids"

Privacy - A Measured Response
Or "Rednecks, Certified Letters and Lynching's"

The Privacy Question
Or "Rednecks, Walking the Tight Rope and Common Sense"

What NOT To Include
Or "Rednecks, Rumors, and Family Shame"

What To Include
Or "Rednecks, Details and Family History"

The Dang Good Ideal Award
Or "Rednecks, Back Roads and Cemetery Maps"

Or "Rednecks, Granpa in a Dress? And Protecting your Prizes"

Or "Rednecks, Other People’s Research and Hidden Jewels"

Can I Give Up Now?
Or "Rednecks, Brick Walls and Blind Alleys"

Searchable Databases
Or "Rednecks, Wars and Births, Deaths and Marriage"

Mailing List Manners
Or "Rednecks, Writing with your Mouth Full or Mind Empty"

The Road Trip
Or "Rednecks, Cemeteries And 2 Kids In The Back Seat"

Or "Rednecks, Old Uniforms and Family Traditions"

Or "Rednecks, Black Rock and Fallen Heroes"

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