Uncle Hiram's Site of the Month

Uncle Hiram's Site of the Month

All Great Sites, I strongly recommend. Again I want to ask everyone to submit sites to me for Nomination as site of the month.

June 2001

County Site of the Month - Itawanba County, Mississippi

Home Page of the Month - Wurts - Reed's Genealogical Page (http://pages.prodigy.net/reed_wurts/genehp.htm)

Misc. Site of the Month - Discovering Family Histories

May 2001

County Site of the Month - Marin County, California

Home Page of the Month - Womack on Line

Misc. Site of the Month - GenieSpeak

April 2001

County Site of the Month - Nichols County, WV (http://www.rootsweb.com/~wvnichol/index.html)

Home Page of the Month - George's Genealogical Filing Cabinet (http://www.mindspring.com/~baumbach/index.html)

Misc. Site of the Month - Native Links (http://www.accessgenealogy.com/native/)

March 2001

County Site of the Month - Illinois Trails Coles County, IL

Home Page of the Month - Sam's Place

Misc. Site of the Month - About Genealogy

[ No awards given out between Dec. 2000 and Feb. 2001 ]

November 2000

Shelby County Alabama AlaGenWeb

County Site of the Month - A superb County Site

American Plantations and Colonies

Home Page of the Month - A wonderful site for research in colonial America.

Genealogy Exchange & Surname Registry

Misc. Site of the Month - A great grab bag style genealogy site.

[ We began giving three awards in Nov. 2000 ]

October 2000


You may have heard of this site, but before you say sell out, they won this award before I became associated with them. A great site with lots of information.

September 2000

Henderson County Texas USGenWeb

This Site is excellent offering lots of great information on Henderson County including slave indexes and World War 2 honor lists.

August 2000

Kosclusko County Indiana home page

A truly wonderful county page. Its selling point is an obit section listing over 20,000 obits from this county. A wonderful aide in researching.

July 2000

Poland Border Surnames

A great site for info on Polish research.

June 2000

Greer County Oklahoma County Website

Not only a great county website but also the added fascination of being the only county to ever be a part of the state of Texas and choose to become part of Oklahoma.

May 2000


This site is overloaded in useable information and helpful tips, articles and links. The sites amazing quantity and quality of information easily overwhelms its one fault, less than wonderful graphics.

April 2000

Tidewater Genealogical Society Web Page

The site is not only pleasing to the eye but it contains a boatload of helpfull links. (A boatload is a specific measurement, more than a lot but less than the number of in-laws I have named Buford)

March 2000

Jackson County Florida, Florida GenWeb Project

This site is not only head and shoulders above most county sites but it should make some of the Professionals out there take a pay cut. Not only is it wide ranging in the Genealogical information that it shares but it is also arranged in an intelligent and easily used format.

February 2000

The American Civil War Homepage

The best Civil War site on the web.

January 2000

The Carpathian Connection

This site is dedicated to the Carpatho-Rusyn People. It has a listing of Carpatha-Rusyn villages in Poland and Slovakia.

December 1999

Christine's African American Genealogy Website

A terrific site for African American research.

November 1999

Ruth Ann's Genealogy Page

A wonderful site full of useful links and passenger indexes.

October 1999

Dear Myrtle

The Grandmother of Online Columnists with enough good suggestions to keep even a confused redneck out of trouble (most of the time).

Visit the Adventures in Genealogy home page

About the Award(s)

Sometimes no matter how stubborn an old redneck is things have to change. A while back I explained to Y'all the method we use in choosing the SOTM (Site of the Month) award, and explained how it was open to any and all Gen. sites.

What I didn't tell you was that our genealogical elves were pushing for major changes in the SOTM. I resisted these changes for two major reasons. A) I'm lazy and didn't wanna commit myself to writing two additional columns every month and B) I wasn't sure the elves could find the time to review and vote on even more sites.

The voting for the SOTM this month has forced us to make the changes I am about to describe. The five finalists were sent out and the votes were returned. Well, we counted the votes, recounted the votes and turned them over to a team of trained chipmunks for a third final hand count. The final results were a tie.

After discussing several options (A Runoff, A revote, Setting up an Electoral Kindergarten, and taking the whole matter to the Florida Supreme Court) we decided to split the award into three separate categories.

1) County Site of the Month ---- This award will go to the best County site we view in a month. It can be a USGENWEB, GenExchange or independent County site.

2) Home Page of the Month --- This award will go to the best Personal Home Page or Surname page of the month.

3) Misc. Site of the Month --- This category will include Gen. Societies, Ship Lists, Subject Specific Sites and all the other sites that don't fit
into the first two categories.

Selection Method used in Picking the Site of the Month Award

Step One: Nominations -- Any Gen related page, whether it's a personal home page, a county page or a Gen Society page can be nominated by any one who uses it and likes it. The only exception to this rule is no page maintained by any member of our staff is eligible. You can nominate a site by sending me an email at UnkHiram@aol.com

Step Two: We narrow it down to the best five nominated that month. I then send an email to all five of the finalists to let them know they are in the running. I want to point out here that no site can be in the finals for three straight months. If a site makes the final five for two months in a row without winning it is ineligible for the award for the next three months.

Step Three: I send an email containing links to all five sites to every member of our staff.

Step Four: The Staff votes for which site they like best. A first place vote is worth 5 points, a 2nd place vote 4 points, etc.. Whichever site has the most points gets the award. I then send out an email letting the staff and the nominees who won.

Step Five: I do the write up and post the award. This is the fairest system I could come up with.

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