Family Closet Award of Excellence

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Awards in Recognition of Web Site Excellence

This award was given out in 1999.

When you see the Family Closet Excellence Award on a genealogy web site, you can have complete trust and faith that you've arrived at one of the very best genealogy web sites on the Internet.

Gold Award
[ Winners ]
The Very Best genealogy web sites we've found

Silver Award
[ Winners ]
Excellent and imaginative genealogy web sites

Bronze Award
[ Winners ]
Very Good genealogy web sites

Criteria and Standards
[ Review ]
Submitted web sites MUST meet ALL of these.

*This project was originally created by Don Marsh, and generously donated to by his wife, Sue, in June, 2000.

A message from Sue Marsh

"Even though I have never meet the person that has helped me keep my husband's award service up, I greatly appreciate it, and I know that my husband would also."

"I just could not do it myself at this time, in fact I was going to take down all of Don's sites were it not for this kind stranger that wrote to me and asked if I would give them the permission to maintain it at the site."

"I truly thank you so very much."

- Sue Miller Marsh

About the Family Closet Awards

The sole and only purpose of awarding the Family Closet Award of Excellence is to promote and encourage genealogy and better quality in genealogy web site design and content.

Please take a few moments to travel around and see what you can find. If you find a link that doesn't work, or a graphic that doesn't load, please send an email and let us know.

And, thanks for visiting!
- Don

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