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No, My Name Isn't Sue

by Robin Tyree

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and I live in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

This really happened to me In the summer of 1986, my husband and I decided to research my dad's family line in Louisiana. I had not researched his line as my mom and he had divorced when I was 7, and he had died when I was almost 20 without knowing him.

We arrived in Many, Louisiana about dusk and decided to find a hotel before going to the cemetery where I knew he was buried. I had an overwhelming feeling to stop at the hotel on the east side of the road.

We went in and the lady behind the desk upon glancing up and quickly back to her paperwork stated "Hi Sue, I'll be with you in a moment." I just waited until she looked up again and said my name isn't Sue its Robin.

She stood there a second and said I could swear you were Sue Moore. I didn't know anyone by that name and went ahead and registered, polite conversation ensued and she asked why we were in Louisiana, I stated we were here to research my family and to find my grandmothers grave.

She then stated, I'm from here who is your grandmother? I said Edna May Rivers Moore and she said, Edna May's not dead, she lives in Vidor. Vidor was about two hours away in Texas. As I hadn't seen her in about 12 years I put it in the back of my mind to try and contact her before leaving Louisiana and went to our room.

Two hours later there was a knock at my door and there standing in the door was my grandmother and two ladies I didn't know. One looked so much like my little sister I just stared.

Grandmother said Is that you Robbie, my nickname she and daddy had called me when I was little, I said yes and we hugged and laughed and hugged some more. Sue was my first cousin and Lois, her mom was daddy's sister. I learned a lot about my daddy and his family.

We went to the graveyard, the next day, and saw daddy and grandpa's graves and thouroughly enjoyed ourselves. We were sorry to leave and I felt a great loss. Mark and I went back to Idaho, for him to go to school.

We talked a few times and then on Dec 12, 1986, I had a strong feeling again to call my grandmother, she turned out to be in the hospital, I called here there and she said she was so happy to hear from me again. We talked for a few minutes and because she was tired I told her goodbye. She died on the 14th. I miss her and my dad and wish we could have been closer.

Serendipity, just plain luck or the guidance of the Holy Spirit, call it what you want but it does happen.

Submitted:  Sun Apr 18 16:09:51 1999

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