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More Than A Class Reunion

by Carol Odell

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and I live in Poolesville, MD.

This really happened to me My maiden name is Cope and in July of 1998 I attended my 45th class reunion.

While at the reunion a classmate came to me and asked about my ancestors. When he was satisfied with my answer he replied that we were related. A member of his family had the family history done by a professional genealogist.

As it turned out my great-grandfather and his great-grandfather were brothers. At this time I picked up the genealogy bug again as my husband and I had gone to the National Archives in DC many times to search census records.

A few months later we signed up for the internet service and while doing research I discovered that this same classmate was related on my mothers and fathers side of the family.

I have been very fortunate in connecting up with many of my family branches via the internet. At present I am researching 28 surnames and have been successful in many of them while hitting brick walls on others.

Submitted:  Mon Apr 19 20:11:18 1999

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