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Award Winners

Sites making efforts to Unite All Researchers

The following sites were nominated and received the Family Tree Climbers "Uniting all researchers" Award in 1998.

These sites were found worthy of the award due to their efforts to make research available to all researchers via the internet. Their content and page design are above average.

Please take a moment to visit these wonderful pages. We are sure you will not be dissapointed.

November 1998

  • Clays Place
    Site contains many other facets, but was started as a genealogy site. Site contains many other facets, but was started as a genealogy site.  Has over 6300 individuals and 2252 families online, downloadable GEDCOM, coat of arms info, and Blackwell research findings to save time for other Blackwell researchers.

October 1998

  • The Rudge Family Page
    It is a site devoted to the genealogy of the Rudge family, with  extensive documentation on four different lines, a comprehensive index,  photos, information about the origins of the surname and its associated  coat of arms. It also includes a site map and a link to my personal  genealogy page with the results of over 10 years of research on 12 other lines.

August 1998

  • Medieval Scandinavia
    This is one of the most professionally put together sites I have seen lately. As well as being beautifully designed, the content is marevelous as well with bounds of information on Medieval Scandinavia.

June 1998

May 1998

  • Franklin County, Indiana Genealogy
    Packed full of links and information for Franklin County, Indiana. The site coordinator for this page is very involved in INGen-Web, another great source trying to get as much info. on the web as possible.
  • Family Siegrist Homepage
    Includes queries, a coat of arms, trivia, databases and so much more is included in this great site.
  • Carolyn and Tika's Page
    This page is all about sharing. A grandmother and her cute granddaughter share this page which brings you tons of vital records info. as well as lineage information on their surnames. Have fun!
  • The Nuckolls Family
    Not only do I really like the design of this page, it has allot of great information about the surnames Nuckols/Nuckolls/Nuckels including some great vital records information.
  • The Hopkins Clearing House
    You guessed a page related to the surname Hopkins, this page has so much information I cant even list it (but some are Mayflowers info, vital records, obits and some trivia on "the most succesful Hopkins men") If you're looking for Hopkins, this is the place!
  • Hunsucker and Name Variations Genealogy
    Another great designed site, with families in many states, vital records, and so much other useful information you will be overwhelmed.
  • Debbies Genealogy Page
    Allot of surname information, vital records, and photos! Its a distinguished site.

April 1998

  • Alan's Genealogy and Cheshire England Page
    This site shares it's surnames and many wonderful links from general genealogy to area specific.
  • Denton Family Genealogy
    This site, Denton Family Genealogy, is the loving result of many years of research. The on-line database has over 14,000 individuals with hundreds of associated surnames. There are wills and 'stories' as well as down-loadable gedcoms for Dentons, Hunts, Moores, Plumlees and Chastains. Please visit! I have to say, that before this site was nominated, it was one of my favorites, because it is so beautifully designed.
  • Craig Roots
    A great site with lots of useful genealogy information as well as some creative use of web designing and java skills.
  • DeWanna's Genealogy Home
    Lots of information on her surnames and family all there for the sharing!
  • Welcome to my Family Histories on the Web
    TONS of information on her family as well as lots of great links. A very informative site.
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