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Tips on writing a biography

Question: Using and Infoseek, I have tried to locate sites on-line which will give me some good tips on writing biography. Also I went through Cyndi's list. The only close thing was the oral history links. That won't do.

My mother died several years ago of Alzheimer's. Our youngest daughters never knew her except when her mind was degenerating. Their memories are not good. One of these daughters read a French book, titled "One Woman" which a daughter had written about her mother - the woman before Alzheimer's and then the tragedy. My daughter asked that I tell her about my mother before the disease. I have many memories - have compiled several pages of little rompts to pull me back to things I had remembered. Also I have a large box of letters she wrote to my father 1942 through 1943.

Initially, I had planned to create a cookbook for my daughters with family recipes and small anecdotes. But now I want to write a biography of her - but I want it to be interesting - not just a recitation of anecdotes.

Are there any sites that you know of that can help me? Thanks,Lois

Answer: I had much better luck using HotBot to do the searching, here are a few of the thousand which they came up with. Needless to say most of them weren't remotely what you were seeking.

Some of these want you to spend money, and may not be what you had in mind, but they will get you started, and I will keep looking, so feel free to email me for further ideas. -this one is a Family Tree Maker Site, and may be EXACTLY what you are seeking. -an author who writes mostly biographies and invites questions when you go to her homepage.

Luckily your question was not as difficult as I had feared, and I was able to find the places to look for the answers rather easily.

Happy Hunting! Debby

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