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Question: My mother's maiden name was Favorite. I have no idea where it orginated or how to find any information on it.

Can you help me? Thank you. Penny Kidwell

Answer: I took the liberty of going to and requested a search for the surname Favorite...the attachment is what I came up with;so, there are Favorites out there.

I would suggest that you utilize one or two (or more) of the many surname forums found on the net. and are two of the better ones. The one at GenForum allows you to create a query forum of your surname...although there may already be one on line.

You subscribe to RootsWeb (free subscription) by sending an email to leave the subject line blank and type "subscribe" in the body of the message. You will receive enrollment information.

You can also go to and check the world family tree... several Favorites listed there also. Finally, go to the Alta Vista search engine and type in Family "Favorite" (don't forget the quotes)..You're sure to come up with something.

Thanks again for the query. Regards, Paul

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