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Looking for Ada F FREIDENFELT

Question: I have been researching my grandfather's family history and found that his sister, Ada F. Freidenfelt married and her name was Ada F. Newkirk. An obituary from 1911 stated that she lived in Hartford, Connecticut.

In looking at they have a Connecticut Death Notice section and I found an Ada F. Newkirk, but it states that she never married. She was born in 1887 or possibly 1888, (the New York Census may have her and her sisters birthdates reversed), which would correlate with the time period of her stated age at death.

My question is - How can I find out if this information on this form is correct? It is the only link I have to her or the possibility of finding her. It gives a state file number as 08410. Is there a place that I can write to for this information. I am really hoping that the marrital status on the form is not correct and hoping that this is really her.

Thank you for your help, Barbara

Answer: Could this possibly be your Ada?

Ada F FREIDENFELT, born Jun 1887 at Poughkeepsie, New York, died 19 Jan 1942 in Los Angeles County, CAlifornia, daughter of Willgott Robert FREIDENFELT and Fanny. Married Frank M MILNE, born 24 May 1888 in Missouri, died Nov 1979 at Los Angeles, California. Ada F FREIDENFELT and Frank M MILNE had no children listed in the database.

Information is from the GREC8GK database belonging to:
submitter:Grech, Barbara
street_1: 420 Grundel Drive

I queried genserv for the name and happened to come up with just the one. Hope it fits. The addresses and telephone are of the original submitter.

If this person is not the right one you can go to, which is an online list of centralized vital record repositories in each of the United States. It will tell you where to write.

Thank you again for the inquiry. Regards, Paul

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