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Liberty County TX and Civil War Records

Question: I have been trying to find information on my great grandfather Creed Samuel Taylor b. Dec 14, 1830 in Liberty, Texas according to his Civil War Record. I need advice on how to research Texas in that year. I have found very little information using the resources that are available in Liberty County, Texas.

I did find out that Liberty County was much larger in 1830 than it is today so that compounds the problem. I need some encourgement.

Thanks for your consideration. Sam Taylor

Answer: From your information it seems that your inquiries at the Liberty County Seat have come up with little or nothing regarding Creed Samuel Taylor. That would have been the first source I would have recommended. However, since you've already tried that route I'd like to offer you several research possibilities on the internet.

First, I recommend that you place your enquiry with one of the search forums such as (they have a large surname search section). Also, you can subscribe to one or several of the Roots Web forums. This costs you nothing but the time to contact them at They have many listings or digests that you can contact; including some in Texas, I believe.

Other areas which could be of help are: (Texas Generl Land Office Archives) (Go to "FreeGenSample" area)

Finally, go to the Alta Vista search engine and type in Family "Taylor" (Don't forget the quotes)..You may come up with a few surprises.

Hope all this may be of help. Regards, Paul

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