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Paul E. Truesdell, Jr. was born in East Orange, Essex Co., NJ; resided in Montclair, NJ until 1946; thence to Glen Ridge, Essex Co., NJ. Paul enlisted in the U.S. Navy in September 1956 and remained in the U.S. Navy until retirement (20 years) in April 1976.  Paul now lives on Okinawa with his wife, Kiyo, his unmarried daughter Suzan; his married son, Jon and his daughter-in-law,Michiyo and two grandsons, Anon and Toki.

Paul became interested in genealogy in the 1960's while on an unaccompanied tour at Camp Pendleton, California.  He has been searching for his roots off and on ever since.  Paul is seeking all spelling variations of Truesdell, all branches.  Two separate databases presently include over 34,000 individuals. His goal is to collect as many of the family as possible with final intentions of possible publishing a Truesdell Genealogy.

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Debby is a 45 year old homemaker with a 16 year old son at home. Being a lifelong student of history, writing, and research she finds genealogy to be a perfect hobby combining her interests and talents well. Debby is an astrologer as well, and earns extra income with her in home typing service, and by doing astrological personality sketches.

After the flooding in the midwest in '93 & '94, her mother and her have learned to do nearly all that is necessary to rebuild and remodel her house which was twice inundated. Now she puts everything above the 4' level everytime there is more than 6" of rainfall, as it is VERY difficult to clean pictures which have been flood damaged!

As a genealogist, she feels that driving a vintage 1964 Plymouth is justified. Not to mention that it is hers, paid for and runs great; which are also excellent reasons. 

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