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The Family Tree Climbers Chat Page is for the discussion of genealogy and related issues ONLY. Please respect this!

Please note the Chat Room IS NOT the appropriate forum for listing your queries because only the next few viewers will see what you have posted. Please, if you want to post your query, do so on our Query form.


When you arrive, select a handle "name" and submit this, after that eachmessage you type will be preceeded by your "handle" as it is posted on thepage.


We may, from time to time, schedule chats, please check our announcements page.


Family Tree Climbers is not responsible for what may appear on the Chat Pages. If you do noteoffensive behavior on the page please notify us, we can identify the serverthat is sending the message and we will contact them to request they not visitthe page again, or if necessary block their IP address.

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