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Guidelines for Submitting

We have set several guidelines for posting to our site. This enables the site to remain neat and informative. Please take a moment to look over the following guidelines BEFORE you submit a listing.

If your submission does not follow our guidelines we will delete it.

This is not a place for the following:

  • Obituaries
  • Statements such as "please send me all the info. on this surname" We do not and cannot get involved in doing research for others
  • Messages such as "hi, just looking around"
  • Questions about genealogy

Please use this forum for it's intended purpose!

  1. Make sure not to put YOUR name! Please send individual posts for individual names, even if they are the same surname. If you do not know the first name you can just put the last or "family" if you are searching for all people with this surname
  2. Make sure to choose the correct letter to put your post under. The default is A and if you put the surname SMITH under A, it is doubtful you will hook up with the people who are researching SMITH.
  3. Make sure to include your CORRECT E-mail address.
  4. Please try to keep the message portion of your posting to less than 80 words.
  5. DO NOT E-mail us your query. Please use our forms!

Note: Some browsers operate from what is called a "cache" file. This file stores a page you are viewing in its memory. This allows your browser to load quickly if you return to that page often. Unfortunately, it also may cause you to view an OLD page - rather than the CURRENT page. If you have submitted a listing and have returned to the page where you expect to see your listing and it is not there. Hit the reload or refresh button on your browser. This will cause the page to re-load and you will then be viewing the current up to the date page.

Before hitting the submit button, carefully proofread your submission. Make sure it is EXACTLY the way you want it to appear before sending it to us!

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