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Please remember that all of these people are volunteering their time and resources to help you.

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I have copies of both 'The History and Genealogy of the Hoagland Family in America' by Daniel Hoogland Carpenter, 1891 and 'Dirck Jansen Hoogland Family History 1657-1976' by George W. Hoagland.I would be happy to volunteer to check these books for folks without access. These books are not readily available; and they are good starting points for genealogical research for this family.
COL. JOHN BOND, SR. of Southern Mississippi (I have the book written by leading authority on this family Lou Anderson).PIERRE THIBODEAUX from Acadie (Nova Scotia) to Louisiana. DANIEL LEBLANC from Acadie to Louisiana. BEAUSOIEL BROUSSARD from Acadie to Louisiana
Chaure to Charest family tree. Now i have over 3500 names directly linked to this family. I would be glad to help out anyone who wished help in finding out about this line... From the middle of the 15th century to the present.. France-Canada-USA.. we are all over the world. will spend up to 10 hours a week. Can do private searches for family members right here in Alberta, Canada
I will field any questions for ALL persons with the surname of FERGUS. I am logging ALL related to any FERGUS both U.S. and in Ireland/Northern Ireland. I have "The Fergus Family History" book detailing 10 generations U.S. born of this lineage. Please list all information (name, d.o.b., place of birth, spouse, children, d.o.d., place of death, and question you are asking) when requesting information.
I would be happy to volunteer to look up Gillet/Gillett/Gillette's in my extensive files.
I have a copy of The New World Book of Reynolds, in which I can do look-ups of marriages and immigrants to America. The immigrants section is for reference only, and will tell you a specific book to look in, also, some dates of arrival.
I can do some volunteer look-ups for those who are interested in TERRELLS, 310 pgs. sm.print. . Information will be limited, as I do not wish to violate copyright laws. 2 hours per week.

More research areas:  Books,  Area Specific,  Trades,  CD's,  Vital Records.

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