Am I related to someone famous?

To find out if you are related to someone famous, the first step is to do the research on your own family so you will recognize a connection when you find one. Many celebrities and persons of note have published genealogies or biographies from which to draw information. A popular website for celebrity research is To find others just enter the keywords "famous family trees" or "celebrity genealogy" into your search engine. If you are interested in or believe you are related to someone whose genealogy is not easily found, you can always follow the basic research process for that person as you would in doing your own genealogy: start with what you know and work back, from the present to the past.

Celebrities themselves often seek to find a genealogical connection to someone of distinction, as seen on the popular celebrity genealogy programs such as "Who Do You Think You Are." Sometimes, in the search for distinction, people miss or ignore the story of their own family. As the saying goes, "everyone has a story." Everyone ever born lived in a particular historical era, were affected by the dramatic historical forces, and met real life challenges. You may find the story of your own family to be much more compelling and real than that of a celebrity.

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