How can I find information on the men and women who served in the Revolutionary War?

A considerable amount of records and information is available for those who served in the American Revolution, whether you are looking for service records, battle history, or the stories of individual men and women, much has been published and much is available online. Records of the Revolutionary War.

If you are looking to document an ancestor who served in the war, one of the first places to check might be the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), so see if your ancestor has been previously documented. In addition, the National Archives has many records and documents of interest pertaining to the war. Many Revolutionary War service records are available online at various subscription websites; you can also check for online databases by state. A search on provides an efficient way to search multiple web sites at one time, using the keywords, American Revolution.

Books & CDs of Those Who Served.

If you are looking to find books and other information on the War or on those who served from a particular state, an excellent resource is, an online catalog that allows you search hundreds of libraries at one time. For example, using the keywords, Revolutionary War Maryland, brings up titles specific to that state. is another resource you can search from within LiveRoots.

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