How should divorces be listed on a family tree?

Indicating divorce on a family tree or pedigree chart with any kind of detail is limited by space. Spouses are typically viewed in a straight line from the subject, either vertically or horizontally, with children born of that marriage listed below. Divorce can be indicated on a family tree by the abbreviation for divorce followed by the year the divorce took place, if known, i.e. dv. 1950. The genogram form of a pedigree chart, extends horizontally and indicates divorce by two hash marks (some formats us only one hash mark) along the line connecting the couple, i.e. //. If you are creating an actual "tree" image, the horizontal form may be most effective.

Genograms are specific in representing husbands to the left and wives to the right, such that a husband with multiple wives extends to his right, and a wife with multiple husbands extends to her left. The key point is to avoid confusion when representing multiple marriages and assigning children to those marriages.

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