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How Can we Assist You?

Genealogy City is an answer-oriented web site designed to help genealogists find resources for advancing their family research. Organized into three sections, this site provides something for everyone, from novices to professionals.


Genealogy Forums
Resources designed to help unite individuals with common interests.

Mailing Lists
Useful information being passed around through e-mail.

Volunteer Researchers
Individuals willing to help you with your genealogy research.

Online Newsgroups
People from all over the world exchanging information.


Public Libraries
Browse through hundreds of addresses and links.

Academic Libraries
Search by College/University from around the world.

The Card Catalog (not available)
Find out more about the classification of books.

Library Questions
How well do you know the history of Libraries?


Our Directory
A catalog of quality religion sites, new ones added regularly.

Profiles of Belief
Understand the beliefs of all known religions on the planet.

A Universal Prayer (not available)
With some hope, perhaps we can all agree on one basic principle.

Where do You Stand? (not available)
Positions on major issues that affect our daily lives.

What's New in Genealogy ... Today!
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