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Submitting Records

These are the instructions for submitting data you have transcribed into the Genealogy World online records area. Once submitted, the data will be prepared into a web page and uploaded for other researchers to use.

Be sure to include the following information along with your upload:

  1. Your Name
  2. Your E-mail
  3. The type of data (military, marriage, passenger list, etc.)
  4. The copyright status of the data, meaning either...
    • are the author
    • have the permission of the copyright holder, or
    • ...the copyright pre-dates 1923 (US data only)
  5. A 'title' for your data
  6. The country, state or region, and/or county (if applicable)

Do NOT send us any files except those in public domain, where you own the copyright, or where you have written permission from the copyright holder.

Contributing Transcriptions

Effective March 2010, all user contributed document images and transcriptions will be posted to our Family History Wiki upon receipt, and then linked from the appropriate project. You are welcome to email us scanned images and/or mail the original documents. Please refer to "Contributing to the Family History Wiki" for instructions.

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