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Periodicals and Magazines

GENEALOGICAL HELPER, P.O. Box 368, Logan, UT 84321, $17/6 issues. While sometimes criticized for being shallow, this is a must have for every genealogist. Yes, every genealogist. Each issue is 200+ pages of articles queries, ads and announcements. Reading the Helper is how you will stay in the know.

APG QUARTERLY, Association of Professional Genealogists, P.O. Box 11601 Salt Lake City, UT 84147, $25/quarterly. You will get a lot of practical advice from the pros. Stick with this quarterly.

GENEALOGICAL COMPUTING, Ancestry Pub., Box 476, Salt Lake City, UT 84110 $25/4. This has good articles on using your computer to advantage. A regular feature is a listing of genealogy SIGs, and user groups. The Genealogical Helper has added a regular section on computers. ABT PAF, Capital Personal Ancestral File User's Group, P.O. Box 177 Bowie, MD 20715, $15/quarterly. If you are using a computer for your genealogy it is a must that you use PAF (Personal Ancestral File) available from the Family History Library; 50 East North Temple; Salt Lake City, UT 84150. Price $35. Versions for IBM, Apple, Commodore. Contact them for details. Once you have PAF, then you must subscribe to ABT PAF. It is practical and on target for all researcher's.

NEW ENGLAND HISTORIC GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY REGISTER, NEXUS (Bi-monthly newsletter), 101 Newbury Street, Boston, MA 02116, $20/quarterly. This is the oldest genealogical periodical, published since 1847. It is mostly published genealogies, reviews and sometimes instructional articles. Serious genealogists and New England researchers must have this. Some hobbyists may find this too serious.

NEW YORK GENEALOGICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD, 122 East 58th Street, New York, NY 10022, $25/quarterly. In its 119th volume, this is a distinguished journal.

THE AMERICAN GENEALOGIST (TAG), 128 Massasoit Drive, Warwick, RI 02888 $15/4. Founded in 1922, TAG is a key genealogical journal. While the geographic focus is usually New England or the East, the short articles can be about families from all over the world. .

NATIONAL GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY QUARTERLY, & Newsletter /Bi-monthly, 4527 Seventeenth Street North, Arlington, VA 2207-2363, $30/4. Each issue of the NGS Quarterly has a well written how to do it article. The Newsletter always has items of interest. This is a must membership. NGS has a Computer Interest Group and its own BBS as well.

MAYFLOWER QUARTERLY, Miss Mildred Ramos, Secretary General, 3800 Montrose Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222, $10. A must for every researcher with Mayflower roots. The Mayflower Society is also a must. By joining and supporting them you can have your genealogy researched by this huge extended family association.

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