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Hot Chocolate & Genealogy

Hot Chocolate & Genealogy

Created by: Val Laferriere

Most of you are probably wondering about the name of the newsletter. Well, it was about the fifth choice of titles. Conventional names such as Ancestry, Heritage and Family Ties came up, but they were soon eliminated since they were in use in some form. Ultimately we wanted something that was universally understood, unique and that said family values.

"The inspiration came on a Sunday afternoon. It was the one day that Victoria received a dumping of snow. I was nestled in a wool blanket around my computer sipping a hot chocolate. It reminded me of when I was a kid in Ontario. My mom made hot chocolate with Fry's Cocoa and milk. She used to let my sister and I drink it with a spoon despite the slurping and slopping. My sister and I fought as most kids do, but never when drinking hot chocolate. The family unison and tranquility that I associate with hot chocolate are the same sentiments I wanted for this newsletter." - Val

Hot Chocolate, designed to be a practical resource for today's family historian, is published twice annually: each March and September. If you would like to be added to our mailing list for future issues, complete our online registration form.

Articles from Previous Issues

Tips for Writing Away for Info
You wrote to the archives, church or orphanage at least two months ago and heard nothing. How frustrating!

Church Records are divine!
Often overlooked and yet full of genealogy information, churches are the original record keepers.

The Family testament found in your Bible
Did you know that a bible entry can take the place of a birth, death or marriage certificate when other vital statistic records cannot be found?

Interview Family over the Holidays!
There's no better time than the holidays to get family together! And that's the perfect time to interview family.

Grandfather Clocks the gentleman of heirlooms
Seasons change and furniture comes and goes, but the familiar tick-tock of the grandfather clock remains.

Directory of Archives helps focus your record search
Want to know where to look for native records in BC?


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