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Hot Chocolate Arrives!

Hot Chocolate, a printed genealogy newsletter established in 1995 by Legends & Legacies Writing Services, will be published by, the genealogy web site designed for beginners and experts alike, beginning in 2001.

"The family unison and tranquility that I associate with hot chocolate are the same sentiments I wanted for this newsletter," explains Val Laferriere, the creator of Hot Chocolate. "Bringing this newsletter to Genealogy Today will help me spread that same feeling to an even larger audience."

Published twice annually, Hot Chocolate is a printed newsletter, a surprising alternative is this day and age of electronic information. "It's designed to be a practical resource for today's family historian, one who is always out and about, which is why we have always printed it for our readers," added Val.

"We are committed to providing the loyal readers of Hot Chocolate the same quality and usefulfullness of information as they have come to expect in the past," mentioned Illya D'Addezio, owner of the web site. "Hot Chocolate is the perfect complement to our existing portfolio of genealogy newsletters."

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