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Restoring Your Photographic Memories

For John Groot, photography runs in the family. His new company, Wizard's Eye Digital Foto, combines his life-long exposure to photography with his computer background to restore and preserve old photographs.

"The key to quality in this new field is to have the very best equipment. I have two hard drives and an high-end scanner," John says from his home office.

His services include retouching new and old photos and blowing up family trees. He can also add or remove someone from group pictures. Whether the photograph is damaged from flood, age, or UV exposure, John's computerized services can restore those memories in minimal time.

The 17-inch computer monitor enable him to see the finest details obstructing the beauty of your photographs. His software collection brings colour enhancements to black and white photos and features people removal, "For when you want to take someone out of the picture, but still have a photo to frame afterwards," John explains.

Once the photograph is repaired, John prints the new version on his Pictura 310 colour printer. Simply put, it is a computer printer that prints graphics to look like conventionally developed photographs.

John's father and brother are veteran photographers and appreciate these innovative services. It is cost effective and the results meet professional standards.

Wizard's Eye Digital Foto is a completely home-based business.

To restore a photograph to 5x7, in black and white or colour, the entire job is approximately $30-$50 including scan, touch-ups and one new print. Additional prints are $8-10 each. John can be reached in Victoria at 250-477-9767.


This article appeared in the May 1995 issue of Hot Chocolate.

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